Halloween is right around the corner, which means we'll be seeing a big uptick in pumpkin-flavored drinks, absurdly outlandish haunted-house designs and, of course, women wearing skimpy costumes.

But we won't just be seeing the standard sexy schoolteachers and naughty nurses. Every year, costume designers come up with all new ways to turn otherwise mundane or completely non-sexified items into strangely seductive outfits. Sexy Tigger? We're looking at you.

1. Sexy Tigger ($50)

2. Sexy Spongebob ($52)

3. Sexy Spider-Girl ($88)

4. Sexy Optimus Prime ($55)

5. Sexy Beetlejuice ($60)

6. Naughty Ketchup ($29.50)

7. Naughty, um, Joker? ($55)

8. Naughty Ghostbuster ($40)

9. Naughty Bacon ($26)

10. Miss Leatherface ($32)