It's no secret that fewer people are reading and buying physical newspapers with the vast amount of online options available today.  The internet has produced many casualties in it's wake of evolution and grasp on our everyday lives.  Are newspapers in Wyoming next on that list?

Do you still walk outside in the morning to collect the morning paper, or do you simply fire up the computer or tablet for your morning news?  Wyoming newspapers have been a hot topic as of late.  Sen. Mike Enzi and challenger Liz Cheney have recently squared off about the issue.  Cheney reported told a group of Jackson Hole Tea Party members this week that newspapers are dying, “and that’s not a bad thing.”   The discussion went to Facebook shortly after.  Enzi issued this rebuttal.

Cheney issued this riposte in response.

Regardless of the argument between these two politicians, are Wyoming newspapers dying?  Has the digital age forced newspapers to begin the retiring process?  Where do you, the consumer, go for your information?