Bringing to life the fur trading era of 1825 to 1840, The Fort Bridger Rendezvous is on this Labor Day weekend. It began in 1843 by the legendary mountain man Jim Bridger, who built a small fort with a blacksmith shop in southwestern Wyoming. It would prove to be a central point of opening up the west. The rendezvous brought together trappers, mountain men, Indians, Mormon pioneers, The Overland Stage, The Pony Express, The Union Pacific Railroad, immigrants and The US Army.

Today, it is one if the largest mountain man gatherings in the nation. It features Native American Dancers, kid’s games, the Frying Pan Throwing contest, mountain man shooting contests, knife and hawk throws, as well bow and arrow shoots. The lifestyles of the era were lost to fashion change, i.e., the popularity of the silk hat over beaver hats. Today, tens of thousands of people come to experience the old ways each year. The Fort Bridger Rendezvous happens every year on the first weekend of September at Fort Bridger Wyoming, and is on now through Monday, September 1st.

Admission is just $4.00 12 and older. If you come authentically dressed from head to toe in pre-1840 fur trade era mountain man dress only, you get in free!