Running late? Construction got you down? Let’s be real, these are always good reasons to avoid certain intersections in town. Between red lights that never change and green lights that are too short, here are my top 5 worst intersections in town.

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    SE Wyoming Boulevard and East 2nd Street

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    Now, this intersection isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. With the upgraded traffic signs, drivers have remained more attentive while operating their vehicles. This massive 4-way intersection boasts well for equal travel depending on your route, but that doesn’t take away from the constant flow of traffic that is becoming of this busy juncture. Its location is within close proximity of business’ that have more than their fair share of patrons. (Can you say Wal-Mart, or the Eastridge Mall?) Most hours of the day you can bet you’ll find a rally of cars lined up, waiting for that elusive green light to shine their way.

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    East 12th Street and S Beverly Street

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    Beverly Street certainly sees a good bit of traffic on a daily basis. Throw in an intersection that combines the eventful Beverly, with an even more demanding 12th Street, and you’ve got my next worst intersection. 12th Street is a gateway that leads you easily from one side of town to the other which screams traffic and Beverly isn’t too far off. Mix in the fact that currently at this intersection is road construction and this intersection is propelled towards the top of your ‘must avoid this light’ list.

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    CY Avenue and S Poplar Street

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    There’s no doubt in my mind that this is an intersection that everyone’s been through. It has cars lined up for long stretches of road at any given hour. This intersection is constantly directing traffic during any time of the year. Plus, when school starts up in late August, this light will be packed with hungry teens out for lunch, school buses, and not to mention parent’s dropping off their kids at school. It’s jam packed and full of traffic and in the winter, it’s definitely no bueno. Throw in a bunch of snow with a hectic intersection and that's bound to spell trouble.

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    CY Avenue and SW Wyoming Boulevard

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    This intersection makes this list for numerous reasons. First of all, once rush hour hits, it’s a free for all when it comes to cars merging and turning while on route to home. Traffic is no stranger to these two roads and although rush hour can be hectic, almost any time of the day is packed with traffic – and not only cars, but trailer traffic. Secondly, while cars are using the turning signal to cross this intersection, you can almost guarantee that you’ll need to wait an extra second or two to make sure all of the cars have turned. I have never seen more people eager to turn on a yellow arrow, even when all signs point to danger at such a risky move. Plus, not only have I witnessed bad driving at its finest at this intersection, but I’ve also been hit by a careless driver. Let’s just say that this intersection can be pretty insensitive when it wants to be.

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    Wyoming 220 (CY Avenue) and S Robertson Road

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    The number one intersection that I have found to be the worst in Casper would have to be the intersection between Robertson Road and Cy Avenue, just as it turns into Highway 220. This light made the top of the list because of its high propensity for danger. With the change from CY to 220, there’s an obvious change in speed that many do not adhere to when returning into town. Instead of slowing down, a faster speed is maintained. Also, trailers are entering the highway and that there alone is also cause for danger. Many wrecks happen at this light and unfortunately fatalities occur as well. Hopefully shedding some light on this hazardous intersection will help to let people know to be more cautious when it comes to this light.

    So there it is; my top 5 worst intersections in Casper. Did I miss any? Let me know by sharing your thoughts on what you think are some pretty crazy intersections in this town.