Trimming the guest list for a wedding is never easy, so you can only imagine the problem one couple with 25,000 people in attendance faced.

A wedding featured 25,000 guests on Wednesday night in Jerusalem. This was no Bridezilla demanding everyone she’s ever met be invited to witness her big moment. Rather, the nuptials were between Shalom Rokeach and Hannah Batya Penet. Who, you say? Well, Rokeach is the descendant of a wealthy dynasty with ties to the Jewish community, so this union turned into such a mammoth affair it made it seem as if Prince William and Kate Middleton swapped “I dos” down at city hall during their lunch hour.

The wedding was like a combination of a city on lockdown and one watching a concert -- streets were closed and video screens were erected so people could see. Heck, by the time the bride and groom were done saying thank you to everyone who came, they’d probably gotten laryngitis.

The wedding festivities went until dawn, which immediately puts this bash in the top 10 of greatest parties ever.

Now, the hard part: how on Earth will the bride write all those thank-you notes without getting carpal tunnel syndrome?

Check out the photos of the wedding below!