Last month, a transgender woman named Robin was arrested for shoplifting at a supermarket in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  While in custody, Robin claims the local police department harassed her by playing the Aerosmith song "Dude Looks Like a Lady".

It started as a standard, run of the mill arrest for the Lakewood, Ohio, Police.  Robin was booked and led to a cell in the female block like any other woman would be.  The harassment allegedly began the following morning when detectives interviewed her.  Robin claims that, during the questioning, she began to hear Aerosmith's gender bending rock anthem coming from several desks in the building.

When she complained that the song was a deliberate attempt by officers to torment her, another detective added insult to injury by playing the Kink's song "Lola".  She has since filed a grievance against the department and offending officers and is considering further legal action.

"This song is like the bane of our existence," Robin told reporters from the website CleveScene. "I've been in bars when guys have seen me and gone up to the jukebox and played that (bleeping) song. It's one thing to deal with morons out at the bars, but when an allegedly professional detective at, say, Lakewood Police Department pulled that move, the pain became too much."