Ask and ye shall receive.

A man who made a bizarre request at a resort outside of Houston was surprised to find the facility honored it. And the results have gone viral.

Dustin Wray, 28, booked a room for himself and his girlfriend at the Woodlands Resort online and decided to have some fun in the special requests section:


Well, when Wray and his lady love arrived last week, he was stunned to discover the resort had indeed followed through. "I saw the three red M&M's there and it honestly confused me," he said. "I was staring at them thinking this is weird. And then Lauren [his girlfriend] started laughing at the picture on the bed [of bacon] and I turned around and looked and that's when it all clicked.”

Wray related the whole incident on Reddit, where it has taken off. The positive word of mouth has certainly been good for Woodlands, but it’s also been good for Wray – as a thank you for publicity, the resort has invited him back as a guest, free of charge.

Check out the M&Ms, as well as a few shots of the bacon, below: