Neill Blomkamp Rumored to Return to Halo
The live-action 'Halo' series was announced not too long ago, around the time that the Xbox One was unveiled. Though news about the series has been almost non-existent lately, it's now been reported that the pilot for the new 'Halo' series will be directed by Neill Blomkamp.
Microsoft Xbox One Specs Bolster a Powerhouse Console
Microsoft detailed the specifications of its new Xbox One during the Tuesday Xbox Reveal event. The Xbox One will be incredibly more powerful than the Xbox 360. The next gen console will include 5 billion transistors, along with 8GB RAM powering what the company calls the Xbox One Architecture. It w…
Xbox 360 Fails as Hiding Place For Cocaine
Think back to the last half of whatever the decade before this one was called. You loved your Xbox 360, but probably had to keep sending it back to the manufacturer because it kept crashing. These days, the console is much more reliable, no longer suffering from the dreaded Red Ring of Death syndrom…