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Can Music Make You More Productive at Work?
Having trouble getting things done at work or staying focused on the task at hand? Fire up your iPod. A new study indicates a little music can really boost your productivity. In the study, those who listened to music came up with better ideas and accomplished more tasks than those who didn’t.…
Running Late to Work? It May Not Matter
If you were a little late to the office this morning, you may not need to stress about it too much. A new study indicates a lot of bosses are so sure that employees are working and checking emails before they come in that clock-watching is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. In a […]
Seattle Bartender Victoria Liss Gets Revenge on Rude Customer
In the days before the internet, people who were rude to waitstaff and/or didn’t tip properly could go about their shameful lives in relative obscurity. Welcome to 2011. The rules, they have changed. On Friday night, Seattle bartender Victoria Liss served a man and his date food and drinks. W…