wonder bar

Wyoming’s Oldest Saloons
This week marks the 82nd anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. The 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was officially ratified on Dec. 5, 1933.
Although alcohol was illegal for nearly 15 years, prohibition didn't stop several watering holes here in Wyoming...
Announcing The 2012 Beartrap Music Series
All of us here at the radio stations are huge fans of the Beartrap Summer Music Festival, maybe even the biggest!
We have been looking for a way for us all to enjoy the Beartrap Summer Music Festival for more than just those magical couple of days...
Chad Lore To Perform 600th Show At The Wonder Bar
Wednesday night will mark the 600th performance of a Casper Music Mainstay. Chad Lore, not only a splendid musician, entertainer, personality, father, friend and all around great guy, will perform at the Wonder Bar for the 600th time!!