An Awesome Evolution of Music [VIDEO]
Enjoy a pretty cool medley of songs throughout history done by Pentatonix, vocal sensations and winners of season 3 of NBC’s The Sing-Off!  From the 11th century all the way to today, here’s a list of all the songs they cover (in this video)… 11th century- Salve Regina…
Our Favorite Mash-ups… Today [VIDEO]
I like mash-ups… videos where a couple of songs are blended together laying the vocals of one song over another song, the more seamless the mix the better. Our national sites LOUDWIRE,  DIFFUSER and ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK recently put out a pretty extensive list of Mashups the other …
Watch How This Guy Gets Out of a Speeding Ticket
If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding by one of those “unmarked cars” this might just come in handy!This guy was pulled over by an unmarked car, but watch him turn the tables on this Highway Patrol, by the way…when it went to court, the judge had his ticket thrown …
Amazing Video of an Ice Climber Who Fell 100 Feet Down a Mountain
An ice climber in the U.K. is alive after losing his footing and falling 100 feet down the side of a mountain. And he was wearing a helmet cam, so it’s all on video!First you see the climber above him accidentally break of a big piece of ice, which comes straight at the guy. And […]
Weird Names for Everyday Things [Video]
So I had to get some blood drawn yesterday and asked if the “vein pincher offer thingy, ya know that rubber band deal will work through my sweater?”.  I got a “you mean the tourniquet?” response from the tech (I know, phlebotomist!) and we both laughed.  At…
65 Year Old Gun-Toting Store Owner Foils Robbery [Video]
Five armed men who attempted to rob a jewelry store were left scrambling for the door when a 65-year-old woman opened fire on them. The handgun-wielding thieves, clad in hoodies, were forced to flee (3 Stooges style!) after the woman chased after them.
Frank Ocean Performs ‘Forrest Gump’ At The Grammy’s
Frank Ocean takes the stage at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards to perform ‘Forrest Gump’ off his album “Channel Orange”. What do you think?  Are you left scratching  your head like I was or did you think the performance was awesome?

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