USS Wyoming Nuclear Submarine In Scandal [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Up to a dozen sailors on board the USS Wyoming have been caught up in a scandal where 1 sailor secretly taped female sailors undressing just outside the showers, on board and then 11 others watched the videos via texts. 11 watched the video, only one reported …
Fearless Hunter…Boy Vs. Mouse [VIDEO]
This young man is ready to defend his family from, well, a mouse.  When said mouse gets a little too close for comfort, hilarity ensues. With hunting season just around the corner, how many ‘fearless hunters’ do you have in your household?
Would You Trust a Robot to Draw Your Blood? [VIDEO/POLL]
As a person that has blood drawn on a pretty regular basis, I’m not sure how I feel about having a robot phlebotomist draw my blood.  I’ve definitely suffered though my fair share of talent-lacking techs as well as situations where I was sure it was more my veins that were the iss…
80’s McDonald’s Training Videos = Awkward Hilarity [VIDEOS]
These "found footage" McDonald's training videos from the 1980's are absolutely ridiculous. They made me laugh and completely weirded me out at the same time. They brought me back to a time, before I was born mind you, that I am glad is over and done with. Sniff up the french …
Toddler Buys Car On eBay While Playing With Her Dad’s Phone
I would think this story a little far fetched if I hadn’t personally witnessed my toddler nephew purchase an obnoxious amount of game credits on his uncle’s cell phone.  We were all shocked when it happened.  But hey, how can you be mad a such a smart kid…right (as lon…
Woman Extracts Botfly From Head [VIDEO]
Witness the horror as a botfly maggot is extracted from this lady’s head.  Beware, this one is a 10 on the gross-o-meter!  Can you believe how calm she is through this process?  I’d be hysterical!   Oh, and I’m NEVER going to Belize!

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