North Platte Flushing Flows Start March 7th, Will Last 10 Days
If you have any plans to be on the river in the near future, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department cautions you to be aware of sizeable increases in water flows in the North Platte River for 10 days beginning March 7 as part of a flushing flow project. Game and Fish has requested the […]
Wyoming’s Fishing Golden Ticket Is Golden Trout [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Anglers in the Pole Mountain area between Cheyenne and Laramie, have a new species of trout to fish for. Wyoming Game and Fish is stocking 10 ponds with more than 1,100 Golden Trout in South Eastern Wyoming. All ponds are readily accessible by r…
Early Spring Fishing Good, ‘Fishin’ Hippy’ At Gray Reef
Last week I introduced you to Cory Bauer, the Fishin’ Hippy! The incredible early spring weather (temps) and some short work days this week provided Cory some water time! He spent the majority of this time fishing Gray Reef.The Fishin’ Hippy relishes a good fight with his underwater ad…