Tonight Show

Peyton Lost To Magic Last Night – Hillarious
Peyton Manning was on “The Tonight Show” last night, and he played “Egg Roulette” up against Magic Johnson. Peyton always dreamed of playing Magic, but this was not what he had in mind. Funny Video. Peyton also served a little payback to Jimmy with superlatives. Peyton br…
Leno Gas Pump Prank Goes Viral
Since I am such an early riser, I rarely get a chance to watch the late night TV shows and had never seen the Pumpcast news before. What a great way to be introduced to the prank! Wil Sims, and wife Monifa, are now an internet sensation for playing along and having more fun at […]
Conan May Never Speak To Jay Again
It’s been nearly a year since Conan O’Brien less NBC on less than amicable terms. He’s still gets asked about his departure from the Tonight Show and his relationship with Jay Leno. In a recent panel discussion with the media Conan said he doesn’t believe he’ll eve…