Can You Catch Black Friday Deals Early?
The big debate every year around this time is whether to or not to shop on Black Friday, and in some cases, even Thanksgiving Day. Maybe that's why certain department and electronics stores have started dropping prices early.
Facebook Study Reveals What Wyoming’s Most Thankful For
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook recently released a study analyzing the things people are most thankful for in each state. According to their research, which was based on posts using the terms “grateful” or “thankful”, the most distinctive topic that Wyoming resid…
Free Turkeys Available Today In Casper
Casper always takes care of its own, but the holidays always seem to bring out the absolute best in people. Free Thanksgiving turkeys are available to those in need today, no questions asked, at 1516 Burlington Ave.
Will You Be Shopping On Thanksgiving Day? [POLL]
With the news that a lot of retailers will be open this year on Thanksgiving Day, I've seen a few different Facebook and Twitter posts about people choosing not to shop as a boycott defense for workers not getting to spend time with their families. Whereas the news does show how much society ha…
Some Employees Not Happy About Thanksgiving Day Shoppers
I know that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but some already have Christmas on their minds, especially the merchants gearing up for the big sales, not just on Black Friday, but now on Thanksgiving itself! While some shoppers are chomping at the bit to score all the huge deals, several empl…

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