Sharks Love Heavy Metal Music [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Discovery Seems there’s never a shark around when you need one, but have you tried playing the theme from Jaws? If you want to call in a shark, it turns out that cellos are not as effective as Heavy Metal music. An episode of the Discovery Channel&…
Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks
A couple Japanese tourists slipped while they were taking a selfie on some stairs at the Taj Mahal this week.  One of them broke his leg, the other hit his head and DIED. That brings the total number of deaths caused by selfies this year to twelve . . . sharks have only killed eight. […]
Shark Attacks Professional Surfer in South Africa [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube As if it the movie Jaws didn’t already scare us enough to go out into shark-infested waters, this weekend’s events has us second-guessing if we should ever go into an ocean again! Mick Fanning was out in South Africa’s Jeffreys Bay on Sund…
Hammerhead Shark Close Encounter at Destin Beach [VIDEO]
I am sure we all know lots of people that make the gulf shore for vacation season, and we all know at least a few that head to Destin Florida. Check out this shark and how close it came to people enjoying the beach. This video was posted on Facebook and we had to share. […]
12 Tattoos That Celebrate ‘Shark Week’ Every Week
If you’re just now emerging from a deep slumber and have no idea what’s going on in the world, here’s an FYI: one of the greatest weeks of the year is upon us. (Cue the ‘Jaws’ theme song.) Happy Shark Week, shark fans! There are lots of ways to celebrate these few …
Sharks Invade Water Hazard in Australian Golf Course [VIDEO]
Last time we checked, golf was supposed to be relaxing. But at a golf course in Australia, the links are now home to the stuff of nightmares: a school of bull sharks. According to MSNBC, the sharks, which range from eight to 10 feet long, were stranded in a lake on the course after a […]
Baby Great White Shark Rescued By Brave Surfers [VIDEO]
Typically, surfers will do just about anything to avoid a great white shark. But compassion entered into the picture when a baby great white shark washed up on shore in Venice Beach, Ca. over the weekend.  Felled by a fisherman’s hook, the baby shark’s future looked bleak as itt&#x…
Fearless Dog Bites Shark [VIDEO]
One pooch recently proved he’s alpha dog material by driving away a shark in the waters near One Arm Point, a remote community in western Australia. Good boy! In a YouTube video featured on ‘Today,’ the dog can be seen paddling contentedly through the ocean while two sharks lurk…