Ray Davies

Kink’s Biopic Expected In 2015
It's no secret the Davies brothers, Ray and Dave, have had a turbulent relationship despite having formed one of the most influential bands of the 'British Invasion.'
Ray Davies Announces New Album, Teases Kinks Reunion
It’s been a few years since Ray Davies released an album of new material, but it looks like the wait for his next studio LP might soon be over — and the future could even bring a few treats for long-suffering Kinks fans in the bargain. Davies shared his upcoming plans during a recent i…
Ray Davies Doesn’t Like Being Called an ‘English Artist’
Although the Kinks have had plenty of success around the world during their long career, they have perpetually been saddled with the tag of being a “quintessentially English” band. In a new interview, frontman Ray Davies admitted that it’s been a bit of a burden. “I feel …