Dog Plays the Piano [VIDEO]
A dog with suspiciously human-like hands is able to play a jaunty tune on the piano. Check out what this musically talented (and well-dressed) German shorthaired pointer can do below. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via Say OMG] Read Original: Dog Plays the Piano [VIDEO]
Puppy Chewing Shoestring Video Contains Lethal Levels of Cute
Think there’s nothing cuter than a puppy? How about a Boston Terrier puppy named Kody gnawing on a shoestring? With giant puppy paws and enormous pink ears that make even grown people say dawwwww over and over again like they’re five years old? This video reaches near-lethal …
Corgi Puppy Tries to Sleep Through the Hiccups [VIDEO]
It’s hard to be a puppy. All that cuteness and people always cooing “awwww!” at you and having little puppy paws that make many folks just want to eat you up. Sometimes you simply have to take a nap to escape it all. So you cuddle into a warm lap, and what happens? You get […
7 Adorable Puppies Chasing Ice Cubes [VIDEOS]
Move aside, cats on Roombas: puppies chasing ice cubes might be our favorite new category of animal videos. When these pups mistake slippery ice for skittering critters, a showdown (and a whole lotta adorable) ensues. Check out these clips of dogs facing off against ice cubes: