Chatroulette Prank is Perfect for the Holidays [VIDEO]
People still use Chatroulette? The answer is a resounding, "yes," and make for great videos if you have a creative idea and have the time to edit. Although the popular social site is best known for video chatting with strangers at random (and the occasional nudity from grown men - …
The Guys Who Shot This Should Get Kicks In The B*!!S [VIDEO]
Chivalry Is Not Dead, It's Just Soaking Wet. This young man is trying to do the right thing while warm and dry idiots who seem to know a secret wait for the inevitable outcome.
They get their wish, and it's funny, but still. If Karma does exist, i wouldn't want be standing next to them…
Leno Gas Pump Prank Goes Viral
Since I am such an early riser, I rarely get a chance to watch the late night TV shows and had never seen the Pumpcast news before. What a great way to be introduced to the prank! Wil Sims, and wife Monifa, are now an internet sensation for playing along and having more fun at a gas station than has…
Gross Pranksters Offend Everyone With ‘Stank Bad Breath’
Many artists go to great, uncomfortable lengths to immerse themselves in their work. I'm not sure if you could call what Stuart Edgington and Kaitlin Snow have done in this video "art," but there's no questioning their commitment to this wonderfully offensive project.

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