Casper, WYDOT Pursue Pothole Repairs
The Wyoming Department of Transportation conducts repairs on all state highways and the federal interstate highway system, including those roads that are also streets within the city.
Casper Starts Pothole Repair Next Week
Winter snow showers bring spring street repairs. The City of Casper next week will being fixing the potholes that have pocked the streets after the storms that blew through central Wyoming recently, according to a news release. Potholes are created when water enters cracks and then freezes. The expa…
Heroic Citizen Angers City By Fixing Potholes On His Own
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Ron Chane’s plan to smooth his city’s streets has hit a bump in the road. Police are investigating Chane after he took asphalt from Jackson, Mississippi and used it to cover potholes. Chane said he filled 101 potholes in what became a labor of lo…