A Guide To Safeguarding Your Pet For Winter
While I don’t always agree with PETA’s beliefs or tactics (hit this link to watch us mess with them), they do have good intentions. Well, at least they think they do. Of course, thinking isn’t one of their strong suits, as you’ll see below. Their almost militant approach …
The Day I Said Goodbye – Remembering Cletus [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube A year ago, Jeff said goodbye to his best friend. Now it is time to share the story.  It’s been almost a year now, and of all things a simple phone message set off my memory of that day. I held Cletus tight to me and told him […]
On The 9th Day – God Made A Dog [VIDEO]
I’m sure by now, most of us are familiar with the viral video Dodge used in the Superbowl about how on the 8th day “God made a Farmer”.  This is what happened the very next day… If you’re a dog lover like me…you might want to grab a tissue. Subscribe to…

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