Airport Makes Parking And Paying Easier
Before and after you fly, you need to drive to the airport, park and eventually drive away. So the Casper/Natrona County International Airport has installed new ticket dispensers and a new automated exit lane among other technology, according to a news release from airport director Glenn Januska. &#…
Parking And Traffic Restrictions For Fireworks Festival 2014
Fireworks Festival 2014 will be held Friday, July 4th on the grounds of the Casper Events Center. The Casper Police Department would like to remind the public that there is no parking along Poplar Street north of I-25. There is also no parking along Events Drive and East Road near the Events Center …
Is It Ever Ok To Double Park? [POLL]
We have all been in situations when we are in a hurry.  Finding a place to park can be the determining factor of late or on time.  Whether you are in a hurry, just running in somewhere, or are just plain lazy; is it ever ok to double park? There are a number of circumstances […]