The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: June 11th
Miami Heat fans are probably not too happy with last nights game. They probably won't enjoy today's highlight reel either!
#5: Tim Duncan, dunkin' it in hard after the sweet pass from Tony Parker.
#4: Timmy D again with the rejection on Mario Chalmers...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: June 9th
Can somebody say vengeance? Because the Miami Heat came back with it, destroying the San Antonio Spurs after a 33 to 5 scoring run in the fourth quarter. The series is now tied up and here are your highlights from last nights action.
#5: D...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: June 6th
Last night marked game 1 of the NBA Playoff Finals. The outcome... the Spurs take the first "W". Here are the highlights from that action.
#5: Tim Duncan starts off the countdown with 1 of his 3 blocks, this one grounding the Birdman, Chris Andersen...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: June 3rd
Game 7 is always a do or die situation for both teams. So let's catch the highlights for the Indiana/Miami game 7.
#5: D Wade excutes a very difficult looking (but beautiful post-spin move) for the lay-in.
#4: Mike Miller had a good look, but misses the 3-ball...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: June 1st
The Indiana Pacers are holding on, so game 7 is now a go. But here are the top 5 highlight plays from game 6.
#5: Roy Hibbert goes up high for the lefty block on Ray Allen (good move Ray... just not good enough).
#4: Roy Hibbert again for this beautiful drive and hard dunking finish...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 30th
The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers are still battling it out for the East Conference Championship and here are the highlights from last nights game.
#5: The Pacers' Paul George executes a nice little pass to Roy Hibbert for the easy dunk...
Top 10 Dunks of the First Round of NBA Playoff Action
A lot of high-flying, poster-making, slam-dunking, oh snap moments in the first round of the  NBA Playoffs. Here are the top 10:
#10: Blake Griffin goes lefty and threw multiple defenders for this one.
#9: The Durantula, Kevin Durant goes around and over two defenders and catches some m…
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 28th
Here are the top 5 plays of last nights NBA Eastern Conference Playoff action:
#5: D. Wade with the defensive stop on one end with a baby block and then running the floor the other way for the easy lay-up on the feed from LeBron.
#4: We continue the great Miami "D" with a block from …
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 27th
It's time to catch up on all the NBA highlights from the weekend all the way to Memorial Day. Plenty to see and witness for yourself. While you were on vacation, these guys put in work.That's right!!! From Friday until Monday. Get your NBA fix here...
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 22th
One game of NBA Playoff action, Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat, and here are the top 5 plays of the evening.
At #5, Chris "Birdman" Andersen's put back baby dunk on a LeBron James miss.
#4, the Pacers' Paul George goes up, over and around a few different Heat players to get …
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 18th
One game for highlight action over the weekend and it stars the Indiana Pacers. Here are the top 5:
#5 & #4:Roy Hibbert gets the first 2 post for putting it on his older peers in Tyson Chandler & Kenyon Martin respectively. Don't do the old guys like that youngster.
#3 &..…
The NBA’s Top 5 Plays of the Day: May 14th
Here are the top 5 plays of NBA Playoff action:
#5: Steph Curry had a not so good shooting night, but still makes the highligh reel with a beautiful behind-the-back feed to Harrison Barnes for easy 3.
#4: The assists keep on coming as Raymond Felton joins the action with a nice lob to Tyson Chandler..…

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