Natrona county Detention Center

Grand Jury Indicts Joel Elliott For Attempted Escape
A man who was sentenced to 37 years imprisonment last month for trying to torch the Sheridan County Attorney’s office in 2014 has been indicted again, this time for trying to escape the jail three days before his sentencing, according to court records. A federal grand jury indicted Joel Ellio…
Inmate Who Attempted To Escape Is Identified As Joel Elliott
The inmate who tried to escape from the Natrona County Detention Center during the snow storm early Tuesday morning was identified as Joel Elliott before his sentencing hearing in federal court on Friday. “This incident is still under investigation,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Stuart Heal…
Your First DUI- A 2nd Person POV
Drunk driving is a huge issue, and it is my hope that this article, and my experience, will deter at least one person from making the mistake that I did. That being said, here is a 2nd Person Point Of View of getting your first DUI.