$580,000 Casper Lottery Winner a No-Show [VIDEO]
There is surveillance camera footage of the customer buying a soft drink and a lottery ticket, but due to the lottery’s anonymity rules, the video cannot be used to spread the word to the public to help identify the winner.
Single Mom Spends Lottery Winnings To Help Homeless Man
A single mom in Massachusetts won $200 on a scratch-off lottery ticket this past Saturday.  On her way home, Sofia Lorena saw a homeless guy in his 60’s or 70’s begging for change.  The temperature was heading to 8° below zero that night, so she picked him up and bo…
Lottery up to $485M, 3rd largest In History [VIDEO]
The PowerBall lotto is gonna be close to a half a BILLION dollars tonight … If you win, you’d get $327M before taxes. All you need is $2 & a dream. Would you get your dream home? Would you quit your job? If you like where you work, maybe you could buy it! Wouldn’t that […

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