Spanish Man Takes Lightning Strike To Crotch
The National Weather Service estimates that every year, you have a 1/1,000,000th chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning. We’d like to know what the odds are of being hit by a bolt of lightning in the crotch. Normally, we don’t sit around all day thinking about the numeric probab…
Lightning Strikes Man…TWICE [Video]
I was loading some of my storm videos on youtube, and started watching some of the suggested videos, and I came across one particular video that was truly “Shocking”. I’ve heard it said that “lightning never strikes the same place twice”, and that very well may be&…
Lightning Strikes Man… Twice [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Check this out – a security camera catches footage of a man getting hit by lightning while jogging down the street. After a few seconds he comes to his sense and stands up, only to be struck again! What do you think? Real or fake?