Will The World End On December 21st?
There is a lot of information out in the wold today about the impending doom and gloom that has been forecast by some for the end of the world on December 21st. Will this be a physical end of the world? A spiritual end? Or will it be another bust like Y2K? With perfect timing […]
10 Crazy Hurricanes Caught on Tape
Is there anything scarier than a hurricane at full force? Not if you’re in the middle of it filming the action. These extremely bold individuals risked their lives (or at least sanity) for the following 10 pieces of footage, so take a moment to appreciate their heroic service to the country. …
10 Brave Reporters Stuck In Hurricanes
Hurricanes are no laughing matter. The destructive storms can bring heavy rains, strong winds and tons of damage to both people and places. Brave newscasters are thrust into the field to report on how bad the winds are, how people should stay indoors and the latest damage attributed to the storm..&#x…