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You’ve Been Eating Apples Wrong Your Entire Life
What many people consider as their favorite fruit, including me, apples are great is almost every way. They’re inexpensive, they’re versatile and they’re common enough that you can find them just about anywhere. Most of us eat around the core but in doing so you’re wastin…
What Are The Best Ways To Get Gum Off Shoes?
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube In my younger years, I was notorious for spitting my chewing gum out on the streets. That was until I almost ruined a pair of $200 Air Jordans that I had paid for myself. Since then, I make sure my gum (when I’m brave enough to even chew […]
How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number
You want to get a girl’s phone number, but don’t quite know how to go about doing it? We’re here to help! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Simple enough, ask to use their phone and call yourself. Easy! Let me know how it turns out.
How To Make A Paper Plane Hover Using Two Fans
This is a fun science trick you can do at home or where ever. This comes from the YouTube channel Star Spangled Science and is sure to amazing your friends and family. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Simply enough, get two of the same fan, point them at each other at the same […]
How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife With a Coffee Mug [VIDEO]
Picture this: You just moved to a new city, and in an effort to unclutter your life, you brought only the bare essentials to your new apartment. Maybe that includes a kitchen knife. It probably doesn’t include a knife sharpener, though. But now, through overuse and/or improper care, that…