Katie’s Excellent Idea – Thank Local Heroes
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Katie Denike thought about the people who seem to get recognition for being stars or being rich and for some reason they end up with the spotlight on them. As a result, kids may think these are people to look up to and emulate. Katie figures the real [……
Casper is Full of Heros…Nominate Yours Today
Governor Matt Mead and The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation have announced they’re accepting nominations for the Citizen Service Before Self Honors, which recognize and honor ordinary Americans who become extraordinary through their courage and selflessness. Governor Mead and past Meda…
Dog Mourns For His Fallen Navy Seal
I have seen some of the photos of the dog laying at the casket of his fallen owner, a Navy Seal. They have been circulating around the internet, and on the news. As both a patriot, and dog lover, it just breaks my heart. This is Hawkeye, and he let his feelings be known to […]