2015 Casper Haunted House Guide
October is finally here and that means Halloween is creeping around the corner. Here is your guide to all the haunted houses to get your scream on in Casper this haunting season.
What To Do With Left Over Candy
We had more kids this Halloween than the last several years, according to our next door neighbors. Just after eight, the young trick-or-treaters were replaced by tweens and then teens. Now, my wife and I have plenty of candy left over and want to get it out of our house so we aren’t tempted i…
Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Poor Ninja
Oh no! It’s Halloween and you just now decided that you want to dress up. What can you wear using things you have around the house? Here’s one idea just for you. All you need is an extra shirt, an extra pair of pants and a belt. Pull the shirt over your head and fold […]
Casper College To Host Halloween Carnival
The Casper College School of Health Science will present a spooky and fun night of X-rayed Halloween treats, a haunted house, carnival and treats for all those who visit the Saunders Health Science Center at Casper College on Halloween night. “During the night, the Casper College Student Radi…

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