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Adorable Old Gentlemen Break Into Song [VIDEO]
You always wonder what your grandpa was doing when he went out for coffee with his buddies. We may have found the answer for you! Check out this group of gentlemen who go out for coffee every morning, but they do it with some style. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
A New Way to Play The Skins
When you don’t have a drum set around, you have to go with what you got. Check out these guys skin drum this guy. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
This is the Worst Video of the Year!
If you’re someone who thinks women are always right, and guys should pretty much do whatever they say…you’ll still hate this!This video called “Get Your Daddy On”, where a lame dad raps about all the things you have to do to be a good husband and father. According …
4-Year Old Tells Brother to ‘Toughen Up’
4-year-old, Delilah O’Donoghue, informs her 2-year-old brother why it’s important to listen to their parents, not spit and refrain from fights with older boys. “You’re not old enough for that boy to … do a fight,” the girl advises. “That boy’s …
Watch the Jive Turkey Perform ‘I Will Survive’
OK, it’s getting to be that time of year.  Granted, this one has been around for a bit.  However, if you haven’t yet…ya gotta see this!  Enjoy! Anyone remember who sang “I Will Survive”? (no google-cheating!)

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