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Watch This Sax Battle in a New York City Subway
We all think of the New York Subway system as a nice form of transportation. But we had no idea it could be this fun.Watch this guy have a saxophone battle with another rider on the subway. I bet these guys became best friends after the dual was over! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on […]
Street Performer Gets Sweet Revenge [VIDEO]
You know those street performers who cover themselves in silver paint and act like robots? Well, some idiot in Australia decided to mess with one of them, and ended up regretting it.It’s sweet revenge if you ask me! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
65 Year Old Gun-Toting Store Owner Foils Robbery [Video]
Five armed men who attempted to rob a jewelry store were left scrambling for the door when a 65-year-old woman opened fire on them. The handgun-wielding thieves, clad in hoodies, were forced to flee (3 Stooges style!) after the woman chased after them.
Condor Goes Wild During a Hockey Game [VIDEO]
Bakersfield, California has a double-A hockey team called the Bakersfield Condors. And on Friday, they brought an actual condor out on the ice during the National Anthem. And of course it got loose. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
Baby Wakes From Sleep For Favorite Song [Video]
This is little Amaya and her big sister McKayla.  Amaya is fast asleep…until her favorite song comes on!  McKayla’s awesome sense of humor makes this little video even more funny.  This was just too cute not to share…enjoy! Here’s the original Fac…
“People Are Awesome 2013″ [Video]
Two years and nearly 55 million views later, Dan Rice of Hadouken! returns with the long-awaited sequel to his viral sensation, “People Are Awesome.” We agree, people ARE awesome!  Enjoy!

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