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Watch This Hilarious Video of the Speech Jammer App
I came across this new app. It’s called Speech Jammer and you can do this on anyone. In the video the guy demonstrates how it works…by doing a gun review. Be prepared to laugh until you cry! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
Watch This Hilarious K-Mart Big Gas Discount Commercial
I think K-Mart might be onto something here. I can remember when the Blue Light Special was all they could push. But this is just classic! The new marketing started with shipping, now they are trying their hand at gas! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
Worst Ceremonial First Pitch Ever! [VIDEO]
I have had the chance to throw out a few ceremonial pitches in my career, and am glad they didn’t have Youtube when I did. This was a FSU, Stetson game. It almost reminds me of the guy in the Volkswagen Jetta commercial teaching his son how to throw the ball. Subscribe to 107.9 The […]
Watch This Hilarious Gas Station Prank!
With the price of gas these days, we all need a good laugh. I just wish my gas pumping experience could go like this! Watch as this guy gets ready to pump gas, and the newscaster on the monitor starts to compliment his singing. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
The Worst Auto Mechanic Commercial Ever! [VIDEO]
You’ve got to hand it to this guy for being creative, but really? This? Check out this Burbank, California transmission specialist’s TV ad. It’s called “Shift It” and it is going to be stuck in your head all day! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube

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