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Fearless Hunter…Boy Vs. Mouse [VIDEO]
This young man is ready to defend his family from, well, a mouse.  When said mouse gets a little too close for comfort, hilarity ensues. With hunting season just around the corner, how many ‘fearless hunters’ do you have in your household?
Did the Pope Seriously Pick His Nose and Eat It?
I’m sure I will get some slack for this… Some Catholics were upset last month when Pope Francis said “who am I to judge” while talking about gay Christians. And now, he’s apparently endorsing the slightly less controversial act of picking your nose and eating it . …
Check Out a Reporter’s Ridiculous Bear Attack Safety Video
A reporter in Providence, Rhode Island was doing a story on a bear sighting, and decided to film her own ridiculous bear attack safety video. She looked up what you’re supposed to do if you’re attacked.  Then during her report, she acted out each one of the tips, including:  …
Toddler Buys Car On eBay While Playing With Her Dad’s Phone
I would think this story a little far fetched if I hadn’t personally witnessed my toddler nephew purchase an obnoxious amount of game credits on his uncle’s cell phone.  We were all shocked when it happened.  But hey, how can you be mad a such a smart kid…right (as lon…

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