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Weird Al Takes Us To School [VIDEO]
Many people think social networking has regressed people's writing and language skills, however it's apparent some never got it from jump street. The usage of the numbers and symbols are irritating to some people when receiving a message via Facebook, and or Twitter.
Watch: A Horrible School Closing Announcement [VIDEO]
The horrendous weather this winter has caused may school administrators to get creative their school closing announcements. James Detwiler used a classic Queen tune in his creation. The latest comes from Durham Academyin Durham, North Carolina. These guys are Vanilla Ice fans!
The Prank Trimmer App…The Best Reactions Ever!! [VIDEO]
So there is a lot of apps to chose from out there. But if you like doing pranks…this app is just perfect. Watch some of the reactions this guy gets when he decides to try it out on a few people. I am going to get this app by the way! so watch out! Subscribe […]

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