Wyomingites: Do You Wash Your Canned Drink Lids Before Use? [POLL]
Pop, soda, beer and energy drinks… we all consume one or the other, but with all the germs floating around, how many Cowboy State residents actually take the time to wash the tops of the cans before drinking out of them? Considering the myriad of things that can effect your lids, ranging from…
Are Caramel M&Ms Worth a Spot in your Grocery Cart? [TASTE TEST]
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube I’m always one to try new foods and snacks, and M&Ms have made some amazing products in the past. When I first heard about Caramel M&Ms, I knew I had to try them. Verdict: Pretty good! I was expecting them to be more like a Milk Dud or [……
What Is Casper’s Favorite Condiment? [POLL]
There was a time when ketchup ruled the land, but ranch dressing and sriracha have become favorite condiments over the years in the United States. But the question now is: what is Casper's favorite?

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