Is Wyoming Beer & Beef Stew Worthy? [VIDEO]
In his 50 States/50 Dishes quest to prepare and sample a dish from each of the 50 states, That Wonderful Watford took on a Wyoming-centric recipe called “Milk Can Stew.” He says:   “In Wyoming they used to have “Milk Can Stew.” They’d take a 10 gal…
If You Haven’t Done It Yet, Start Thawing Your Turkey
If you’re the one doing the cooking at home and your turkey is still in the freezer, now is a great time to take it and put it in the fridge to thaw. They estimate putting thawing frozen turkey in the fridge to four pounds per 24 hour cycle. Since turkeys can average 10-15 pounds […]
Cooking With Nyke: Salsa
Welcome to Cooking With Nyke. For this inaugural episode, I share how to make my "not-so-secret" salsa. Feel free to share. Food is my passion... whether making it or eating it.
How to Make Ramen From Scratch at Home [RECIPE]
Many of us grew up on ramen. It’s a Japanese noodle soup and it’s one of the cheapest items in any grocery store. Because of that, ramen, in America, holds a notion that ramen is cheap food for cheap people. That is not the case. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and had real …
Almond Roca Cookies Brings The Fancy Candy to Cookie Form [RECIPE]
Growing up, Almond Roca was the fanciest candy I knew. Something about that butter almond toffee wrapped in chocolate and crushed almonds, each coming in their own golden foil, it screamed high class. They are good but they’re a little too hard on my teeth. I thought about the possibility int…
Taste of Home Cooking School Comes to Casper May 4th
Do you dabble in the culinary arts?  Are you looking for some great new spring recipes for you and your family?  You are in luck!  The 2013 Taste of Home Cooking School will be cooking up great food and great times at the Casper Events Center on May 4th, 2013.  There will be…
Holiday Gift Idea – A Meatgasm
This is an awesome gift for everybody I know, meat.  Not just any meat some of the best beef you will ever bite into from Dean & Deluca. Like these 16 oz. Brandt Family Reserve Cowboy Rib Chops… They look great right… and only $145 bucks!
Watch a Recipe So Simple Even a Cartoon Caveman Could Do it
Smethanie, who also answers to Stephanie and Crazy Girl, publishes nonsense on Twitter and recently accepted a grilled cheese sandwich as her lord and savior. Here is one of her favorite recipes. It’s late at night. You’re tired. Tired and hungry, which can be problematic after all the…