Filming A Commercial In Downtown Casper [GALLERY,VIDEO]
Over the course of the past 2 overnights, a production crew has taken over a portion of downtown Casper to film a national commercial for Wells Fargo bank. Trained horses, stagecoaches, directors, producers, actors and extras have been busy in the 24 hours of time allotted, from 5pm to 5am daily, ge…
Aquile Featured In New Roland Advertisement [VIDEO]
One of Douglas and Casper's favorite sons, Aquile, is making major moves once again. The former NBC 'The Voice' Season 3 contestant, and ultimate singer/songwriter is the featured artist in a new Roland Synthesizer video.
1st Marijuana Commercial For Television
With regards to our changing times and the legalization of marijuana becoming more popular across America, are we ready for this? Here is the first advertising to be accepted by a TV station. Cigarettes cannot be advertised on TV any longer, but alcohol can. Lawyers didn’t used to be able to …
New K-Mart Ad Has Some “Ringing Mad” [VIDEO]
Kmart’s series of recent ads have caused many of us doing a double take, asking ourselves “what did they say?” Their first ad featured people saying that they “shipped their pants!” This ad was followed by another ad with people talking about their “big ga…
Paul Harvey the Lost ‘Bong Commercial’ [VIDEO]
With a lot of people still “high” on the Paul Harvey Super Bowl commercial, it’s a good time to bring out this lost ad for the Paul Harvey Bong. This is a few years old, and IS OBVIOUSLY EDITED, but it still made me laugh the first time I heard it.
God Made…Farmville [VIDEO]
So far this is the best parody I’ve seen so far! Set to the commercial you saw during the Super Bowl with the voice of Paul Harvey. Enjoy! Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube
Now THIS Is How You Sell a Product
Due to the well-established trick of making the razors cheap but the blades overpriced, shaving can be a real rip-off. The start up is trying to change that by offering all the razors and blades you need for a dollar a month. Never heard of Well you are about…