Parents Who Gave Kids Nazi Names Lose Custody Battle
The parents of three children, who gave each of them Nazi names, including Adolf Hitler, have finally lost custody of all three kids. On Thursday, a New Jersey appeals court ruled that the children, who have been in foster care, should not be returned to the couple due to evidence of domestic violen…
Baby Finds Snoring Bulldog High-Quality Entertainment [VIDEO]
Every time his bulldog snores, this baby laughs. The video is a minute, but, given how babies and bulldogs are, this probably went on a lot longer than that. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via Asylum UK] Read Original: Baby Finds Snoring Bulldog High-Quality Entertainment [VIDEO]
Florida Mom Leaves Kids in the Car to Go Shoplifting
A woman from Kissimmee, FL is facing both theft and child neglect charges for allegedly leaving two children in a car in the parking lot of a store where she was shoplifting. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Stacey Armstrong after employees of the store caught her shoplifting $100 of candy and som…
Prestigious Waldorf Private School Keeps Computers Away from Kids
The 160 Waldorf private schools in the United States boast an impressive student body: the children of tech luminaries from firms like eBay, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. But what makes Waldorf a seemingly odd choice for such parents is that until kids are in the eighth grade, the school…

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