The Best Dirty Car Sign In Casper [Photo]
Maybe because it's so close to Valentine's Day or maybe it's simply because I have a dirty mind, but when I pulled up behind this SUV and casually read the message written on the dirty back window, I almost dies of laughter!
Hey, Rob My Car, Please! [VIDEO]
A guy in Oklahoma found someone had broken into his truck last week.  The thief only stole $4 in change . . . but for some reason he also CLEANED the ride. The thief threw out all the napkins and wrappers lying around, and even uncovered a set of tools the owner had been looking […]
Japan Develops Shock-Absorbing Car Covered in Airbags
Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Remember that time you got super drunk, duct taped couch cushions to your body and smashed into things around the house like a human pinball? You don’t? Well you were super drunk so that doesn’t shock us. Anyway, take that idea and imagine doing …