Teen Suspended for Protesting School Bullying Launches Lawsuit
Amber Hatch refuses to be bullied when it comes to her efforts to stop bullying. Hatch, 15, of DeSoto High School in Fort Myers, Florida is suing the school’s principal, dean of students and the local school board, claiming she was suspended last year after officials tried to force her not to…
Mom of ‘Bully’ Teaches Lesson
We all know of bullies in our day to day lives, people who harass us or intimidate others.

In Wyoming as well as across the country and around the world, bullying is a serious problem!
Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Reveals Plans For Donated Money
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard the story of 68-year-old Karen Klein, the school bus monitor who was mercilessly bullied by middle school children, and the oodles of money that were raised through Indiegogo.com to send her on a well-deserved vacation. Klei…
Getting Bullied at Your Workplace? You’re Not Alone
Bullying isn’t just limited to kids on a playground — it also affects adults in the workplace. In fact, a recent poll found more than a third of American employees, 53 million in all, have been intimidated, harassed or threatened by a boss or co-worker. “Usually it’s some…