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Where Is” Breaking Bad’s” Jesse Pinkman Now?
We knew it had to end for one of the biggest cable television shows of all time, and it ended with the main subject dead on the floor with a bullet wound in the stomach. But for Breaking Bad’s " bad partner" Jesse Pinkman, we saw him flying to freedom at high speeds in a vehicle, a…
Breaking Bad Was Bad To Jesse Pinkman [VIDEO]
Breaking Bad finished their season and a pretty good run of television success with an ending not to be forgotten by many, except for me. I didn't see it, haven't been much of a fan and I don't know why. Maybe because I am not much of a TV guy to begin with...
‘Breaking Bad’ Extends Its Final Two Episodes
As hard as it will be to say goodbye to Bryan Cranston's Walter White and those still left alive in the cast, 'Breaking Bad' has made its goodbye a little longer by extending the final two episodes to seventy-five minutes a piece.

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