Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube Fort Collins, Colorado doesn’t want women parading around topless. Their city council just voted unanimously to keep their ban on boobs. Ladies, if you’re going south on I-25 and want to free the sweater puppies, drive right on past Fort Fun. Men…
I Will Drink To That! [VIDEO]
The thirst is so real! I actually got thirsty while watching this video. Who knew that for the past 27 years I've had a bottle opener at all time and didn't realize it.
The Breast Size Men Find Most Attractive [VIDEO]
I guess the saying is true, you can’t motorboat a personality. Now it’s been scientifically tested, and proven. Jezebel did a piece on a new study conducted by the University of Westminster in England that lists men’s preferences on female breast size. Check out these resultss&#x…
Casper Votes Yes To Boobs
The recent story of  Chrissy Lance a resident of Akron, Ohio (panhandling for boobs) got us wondering how Casper would react if a young lady used the same method of raising  funds to boost her bust line.