Keeping Your Bicycle Secure From Thieves
A friend of mine had his bicycle stolen and he was more than heartbroken. At home, his bike was stored on his wall like art. It was always clean and in great shape, as was he and that was part of his relationship with it as well. He lost his bike while “locked” on a […]
Coolest Kite Ever Is Man Riding Bike [VIDEO]
If we were to ever get any wind in Wyoming, this would be a kite that I would love to fly. This one made by Feng Tsan Huang, Amazing kite seen at Rezzato kite festival in Lombardy, Italy. It may have operated by a French man with a long white beard. Could it have be […]
Freak Accident Gives Paralympic Cyclist Back Her Legs [VIDEO]
Normally it’s an accident that causes permanent limb damage and not the act that repairs it, but Monique va der Vorst didn’t live this cliched story. The paralympic cyclist and two-time silver medalist recently got into an accident and found herself left with a bit of a surprise ȁ…