World Record Eater Pigs Out On 82 Slices Of Bacon
Semi-professional competitive eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie set a new world record last weekend by putting away 182 slices of bacon in just five minutes. That’s over 7,600 calories and a whopping six pounds of fatty meat – or just over 11 full packs of your typical package…
What ever happened to Sizzlean/Beef Bacon? [POLL]
To quote the old lady from the back in the day Wendy's commercials: WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Not everyone partakes in the eating of the swine. Some for religious reason (like myself) and others for health concerns, but no matter why, some items are getting harder and harder to find. And what is …
Replace a Word in a Song With the Word ‘Bacon’ [LIST]
Just for fun, we asked you replace a word in a song with the word bacon. Here are our favorite, so far. For Whom the Bacon Tolls Highway to Bacon Cry Me a Bacon If I was your Bacon Hotel Bacon Oops, I Did Bacon Again Welcome to the Bacon You Belong with Bacon She […]
Bacon Wrapped Turkey? [POLL]
I keep seeing recipes popping up for Bacon Wrapped Turkey and it’s got me thinking about trying something new this year! I love a juicy roast turkey on Thanksgiving; but wrap that sucker in a basket-weave-style layer of bacon and I’m thinking it just might be the most delicio…

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