how to NOT be a Bounty Hunter [VIDEO]
43-year-old Brent Farley is an Arizona bounty hunter, but not a very good one.  He got an anonymous tip that a guy wanted on drug charges was staying at a house inPhoenix. So he and ten members of his team armed with handguns staked it out for a few hours . . . surrounded the […]
Arizona School Uses Holding Hands as Punishment
Two Arizona teenagers faced a choice after getting into a fight at Westwood High in Mesa: They could either be suspended for nine days … or hold hands in front of everybody. Obviously, they chose the latter, and now the school is catching flak for it. The two students had their sexuality ques…
Arizona Now Charges People $25 to Visit Prison Inmates
New legislation in Arizona allows the state’s Department of Corrections to impose a one-time “background check fee” of $25 on adults wishing to visit inmates at any of its 15 facilities. Needless to say, families and prisoner advocacy groups are not happy, citing the existing co…