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Poodle Gets Car Washed in Crazy/Amazing Commercial [VIDEO]
In what is clearly the greatest and strangest commercial ever made, a poodle drives a half-car through a neon car wash manned by robots as Iron Maiden plays in the background. What’s the ad selling? Who cares! [via BuzzFeed] Read Original: Poodle Gets Car Washed in Crazy/Amazin…
Birthday Dog is Not Having a Very Happy Birthday [VIDEO]
Rosie the dog got all dressed up for her birthday, but she doesn’t seem happy at all. In fact, this is the face children make when their parents are embarrassing them. Watch as her parents do just that. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via Say OMG] Read Original: Birthday Dog is …
Enthusiastic Dog Fetches Deaf Dog for Owner [VIDEO]
Most dogs fetch bones or sticks, but Buffy, a black lab, can fetch another dog named Benson. When the owner says, “Go fetch Benson,” Buffy proceeds to rush enthusiastically to the other lab’s side and pull him back home by the collar. This is actually a very practical skill, sin…
Bear Makes Raccoon Leap in Terror [VIDEO]
When this raccoon spots a bear closing in, it smartly makes the decision to flee from the much larger mammal. Watch the little fellow’s athletic leap to safety below: Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via Say OMG] Read Original: Bear Makes Raccoon Leap in Terror [VIDEO]
Dog Plays the Piano [VIDEO]
A dog with suspiciously human-like hands is able to play a jaunty tune on the piano. Check out what this musically talented (and well-dressed) German shorthaired pointer can do below. Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via Say OMG] Read Original: Dog Plays the Piano [VIDEO]
Sharks Invade Water Hazard in Australian Golf Course [VIDEO]
Last time we checked, golf was supposed to be relaxing. But at a golf course in Australia, the links are now home to the stuff of nightmares: a school of bull sharks. According to MSNBC, the sharks, which range from eight to 10 feet long, were stranded in a lake on the course after a […]
Injured Mama Cat Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens
In yet another amazing tale proving some animals are more compassionate than human beings, we humbly submit Jolie, the heroic mama cat. Jolie calls England her home, and when she was pregnant, some cruel dolt tossed her out of a moving car. She survived, and a kind soul fed her and eventually confin…
Strange (But Cute) Sheep Thinks He’s a Dog [VIDEO]
Jack, the loveable sheep in this video, has convinced himself that he is a dog. Instead of grazing like his fellow sheep, Jack fetches sticks, tries to bark, and even arrogantly herds his sheep brethren. It’s like a ‘Far Side’ cartoon come to life! Jack’s owner, Alis…
Vacuum Cleaner Causes Kitty Stampede [VIDEO]
In this cute video, the simple act of turning on a vacuum cleaner causes a mass stampede of scores of fluffy kittens. The vacuum: a kitten’s worst nightmare. Check out the “kitty kavalcade” below.  Subscribe to 107.9 The River on Youtube [via LaughingSquid] Read Origin…

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