Top 5 Best Beer in Wyoming
I was so excited when my bosses at Townsquare Media told me to create a list of my favorite beers that I completely stressed out about it. I'm a microbrew fanatic, and while I'm not an expert, I have tried many brews in my day... I've probably left a few off of this list, but
Know What You’re Drinking From Lables
It’ll be a lot easier to figure out what you're taking in when drinking brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff and Baileys, as parent company Diageo announced Friday, March 20, that they will include nutritional information on its products’ labels...
Wyoming Teens Turning Away From Alcohol and Tobacco
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A study indicates fewer Wyoming junior high and high school students are using alcohol and tobacco.
The Wyoming Department of Health says 17 of the 19 participating counties saw substantial reductions in alcohol use and 15 of 19 showed substantial reductions in tobacco use…
New Beer Flavor Wheel for Real Beer Drinkers
For centuries, everyone from physicians to brewers have used flavor wheels as a means of breaking down the many varieties of aromas and flavors of a particular substance or beverage. A new book includes a consumer-friendly version of a flavor wheel just for beer drinkers.
Southern Comfortable, or Not? [VIDEO][POLL]
I watched the pay-per-view UFC fights this weekend, and they kept airing these Southern Comfort ads, over and over.  At first I thought, "there is no way that makes me want to purchase that product", but now, I want some Southern Comfort... and a Speedo.

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