End Of An Era – The Circus and Wyoming
In a simpler time, the circus brought magic, exotic animals, mysteries and wonders from a world most would never see. It was "The Greatest Show On Earth!"
Road Trip To Small Batch Beer Festival
Kick off Memorial Day Weekend below the border and into Fort Collins, Colorado where the Odell Brewing Small Batch Festival is back with their annual festival
Tearing Up Some Spring Snow And Mud
I had a chance to try out a CF Moto as the 11 inches of snow started to melt and bring out the mud. The perfect time for a test ride.
Showing Wyoming To The World
BBC Global film crews are in Wyoming, shooting footage of what makes Wyoming so special, in order to make a two minute vignette for an international audience.
What Should I Do With My Wandering Cat?
Keeping an outdoor cat in would kill his spirit, so that is out. That would give him a longer life, but, there is life and there is living. He’s an outdoor cat.