Beware Of Bogus Eclipse Glasses
There are fake eclipse glasses that could blind you. Look for the certification. Anyone can download logos off of the internet and print them on bogus glasses.
See The Eclipse Before It Hits Wyoming
NASA will host two live feeds as the eclipse crosses 12 states on its 2,500-mile path from Oregon to South Carolina. Will you watch before and after its here?
Driving In Wyoming Just Got More Expensive
Just in time for the eclipse weekend, gasoline prices in Wyoming have gone up again. Not just higher over the last week, but up from a month ago and a year ago.
Weird Things To Look For During The Eclipse
“birds return to roost and fall silent. Cicadas stop singing and crickets may sing their night songs. " Other reports concern ants, llamas and whales & dolphins
Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week
If you were able, where would you want to fly? A spin around Devil's Tower, over the Bighorns, The Wind River, Yellowstone? I have some excellent inspiration.